Sound Bomb

Goal: Create an original song that has never been heard before.

Sound Bomb
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Sound Bomb

Contributed by Julia Sirna-Frist


Create an original song that has never been heard before.


  • Today we are going to create an original song that has never been heard before. First, I need everyone to come together in a tight circle and if you feel comfortable close your eyes. When I tap you on the shoulder you will make a sound that can be repeated. It can be voiced, it can be a clap, it can be a stomp. Whatever you want! Just make sure you can do it over and over again. If I tap you again you stop your sound.
  • TA moves around the circle tapping students shoulders randomly to build the song until everyone is involved in the sound collage.
  • TA will begin to tap each students shoulder again to slowly diminishing the song until one voice is heard. FINAL TAP! End of song!
    • PRO TIP: Record the song and play it back so the students can hear what they created.

Transition into Activity

I would do this game after a warm up while students are still in a circle. This game is helpful to build community because we all work together to make the song and we have to listen to each other to figure out how to add our unique voice to the creation.

Transition out of Activity

I love playing the song back to the students and hearing some feedback. “What surprised you about hearing the song?” “What was it like to create something from nothing?” I would end by having everyone take a deep breath and giving themselves a pat on the back for creating new music!

Classroom Arrangement

Standing or sitting circle.

Supports/Adaptive Materials/Tools

  • Students can practice making sounds all together before we begin to get comfy making noise.
  • Have students stand with their backs to the circle and everyone at the same time makes a repeatable sound. Instead of a tap students could be given a bean bag to indicate the start of their sound.
  • If a student is uncomfortable or unable to participate vocally they can be the conductor.
  • This game can also be played with many rounds giving lots of students a chance to conduct.

Role of the Teachers and Paraprofessionals

  • Conductor and Sound Makers!

Remote Adaptation

All the cameras can be off and students can self select to join the sound bomb or the TA can private message the students when to come in and out of the sound bomb.

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10 mins