Family Crests

Goal: To introduce the concept of symbolism and get to know the students interests

Family Crests
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Family Crests

Contributed by Yael Ben-Zion


To introduce the concept of symbolism and get to know student interests.


  • Show the students an example of a crest, like the Hogwarts Crest, and ask what the drawings represent.
  • Introduce the concept of symbolism.
  • Students will receive a template for their crests.
  • Each student will be asked to draw the following on their crest:
    • First, write your name in the middle.
    • Then, draw in Box 1) Symbols of your home/where you are from–whatever home means to you.
    • Next, draw in Box 2) Your favorite activity.
    • Then, draw in Box 3) What/who is important to you.
    • Finally, draw in Box 4) Your favorite Emoji(s).

Transition into Activity

Show an example of a crest and engage the class in conversation about symbolism.

Transition out of Activity

Ask a number of students to share their crests with the class and explain why they chose the symbols they did.

Classroom Arrangement

Students sitting at their desks, or at another hard surface/work area.

Supports/Adaptive Materials/Tools

  • Prepare an example to show the students in advance.
  • Prepare a template and the materials to be used during the activity in advance.
  • Depending on the students’ age group and abilities, consider adapting the materials using stickers, colored tape, and/or digital art.
  • Use a visual timer or music to time the activity.

Role of the Teachers and Paraprofessionals

  • Help with distributing templates and other materials as needed.
  • Support students who need help in creating their crests.
  • Participate in modeling and in the art making.

Remote Adaptation

Students can create their crests at home using paper or digital tools that allow them to draw and/or use internet images. Students can then share their work with the class, by showing it on camera or sharing their screens.

Art forms



15 mins