Song Madlib

Description: Fill in the missing lyrics to well-known songs.

Song Madlib

Contributed by Julia Sirna-Frest


Fill in the missing lyrics to well-known songs.


  • First, pick a well-known song like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, The Ants Go Marching One by One, etc.
  • Then write down the lyrics, leaving some words out.
  • Lastly, ask the students to fill in the blanks!

Transition Into Activity

This activity can be good at morning meeting time. The song can be switched every week or adapted to whatever theme the class is in.

Transition Out of Activity

Find a place in the class to keep all the newly created songs.

Classroom Arrangement

Circle time, or could be a station.

Supports/Adaptive Materials/Tools

  • One way to do this would be to make all the words pictures, and the students can arrange the pictures however they want. This can be good for nonverbal students.
  • In order to fill in the blanks with moves instead of words, it can be modified.

Possible Roles for Classroom Professionals

  • Lead the song and encourage everyone to sing!
  • Create the Mad Lib sheets and pictures.

Adjustments for Remote Instruction

You can share your screen to show the Mad Lib or have the Mad Lib written on a big Post-it in their space. With older students, the suggestions could be written in the chat.

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10 mins