Strategies for Sustained Arts Engagement Between Sessions

Explore ways to support arts engagement even when you aren’t present in the classroom.

Strategies for Sustained Arts Engagement Between Sessions
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Strategies for Sustained Arts Engagement Between Sessions

Remote Teaching and Learning Tip

Use screen capture or recording on Zoom to record parts of class to be viewed later in the residency. This can be a great way to track progress and as a tool for rehearsal. For example, if you’re creating a dance, it can be helpful to record the choreography so students can watch the recording when they want to practice outside of class. It can also be a source for review and learning for students who are absent.

  • Send greeting videos or digital postcards when there are long gaps between residency sessions.
  • Create a bulletin board in the classroom or in the hallway near the classroom.
  • Make a “5 Minute Arts Engagement” Card Deck with activities that teachers can use to engage students during short periods of time throughout the school day.

Remote Teaching and Learning Tip:

Have a prerecorded video that teachers can use outside of your residency as a quick arts engagement. This can be a reward for completed work or a transition activity. You might include a simple recording of a game, chant, or quick warm-up that can be watched or followed as an interactive exercise.

  • Create an “Arts Student of the Month” award or spotlight! Create a special award and bulletin board to celebrate this student. Work with teachers or school administrators to recognize the student at an assembly or in an email sent out to parents and the school community.
    • Language surrounding this award or spotlight should focus on what impact the student’s art has in the classroom and community. Is it inspiring? Does it make people think? Treat the student like a professional artist to help model the impact and importance of art and artistic expression in a community.
    • Interview other students about what they like about this student’s art.
    • Ask the celebrated student who in their class or school gives them inspiration as well!