Sensory Chair

Sensory Chair

Young white boy with glasses and book sitting on a beanbag chair.

What is it?

A chair or seat that provides deep pressure like a bean bag, camp cushion, soft chair, rocking chair, or balance disc. This tool may have a calming effect for students with autism, or anyone with a high level of sensory arousal or anxiety.  It offers ways to relax and take a break from the postural control required for sitting at a desk.

Where is it found?

May be found in a separate sensory gym or in a chill zone within the classroom.

How do I use it?

Allow for different seating arrangements. Perhaps individual work can be done from a sensory chair, or students could opt for a sensory chair when they are acting as an audience member for performance-based activities.


Likely In Classroom

Needs it Addresses

Gross Motor, Fine Motor, or Cognitive Adaptive, Sensory