Stability Ball

Stability Ball

What is it?

Stability balls as seating allow students to bounce and shift when their body needs it, strengthens core muscles, and allows students to focus.

Where is it found?

At student desks/tables. Perhaps stored in the sensory gym.

How do I use it?

Students sitting on stability balls are able to move and adjust their bodies as needed, which allows them to better focus on the task at hand.

Safety Note:

It is important to make sure that students of all abilities are being closely monitored when using them. Many students demonstrate core weakness, especially since they are spending a lot of time indoors currently, which can make it difficult to remain upright on a stability ball. Unless you’re certain that the student you are putting on a stability ball is very strong, it’s better if an adult is close to prevent a fall. A stability ball with a back, like the one pictured is much safer for students with limited core strength.

Benefits of a Stability Ball


Likely In Classroom

Needs it Addresses

Gross Motor, Fine Motor, or Cognitive Adaptive