Token or Star Chart

Token or Star Chart

What is it?

Charts that are used to reinforce desired behavior. Token charts are often laminated worksheets with “tokens” that are Velcroed to fill spaces as students work toward a desired reward. Tokens can be stored on the back or bottom of the sheet.

Where is it found?

Often on an individual student’s desk or on the wall.

How do I use it?

Token systems are most effective when used consistently. Find out how the Classroom Teacher uses token charts for any of the students and see if that system can continue throughout your arts period. These systems/charts can help address behavioral issues, as well as teach students to delay gratification of something they want by having to work for it first. You can ask students, “What are you working toward?”

Further incentivize learning by using tokens that are meaningful to students (e.g., if they love a specific movie, use characters from that movie as the tokens that they earn).

Ways to use a token or star chart in your class:


Likely In Classroom

Needs it Addresses

Mood or Energy Related, Community Building Support, Communication Supports or Language Alternatives