Pass the Love

Goal: A closing ritual to reflect on the lesson, and take a moment together as a whole class ensemble.

Pass the Love
  • Closings

Pass the Love

Contributed by Amanda Newman


A closing ritual to reflect on the lesson, and take a moment together as a whole class ensemble.


  • This is can be a closing ritual that stays constant or changes each time it’s repeated.
  • You might pass the “love” or the magic or the light or whatever other concept or idea you pull from the lesson or that students suggest. For the sake of example, we’ll pass the love.
  • In a circle at the end of the lesson, tell students it’s time to pass the love.
  • With lots of drama and animation, pretend to hold the love in your hands.
  • You might toss it up and down, stretch it, wrap it around your self, etc.
  • Then you pass it to the person next to you in the circle in whatever way you choose (blow it, toss it, package it up and present it, etc).
  • This continues all the way around the circle.
  • If students do not want to participate they can either say pass or do an agreed upon gesture (like folding their arms) to indicate that it should be passed to the next person.
  • For older students: Try having them pass a compliment to the person next to them (connected to something from class).

Transition into Activity

If this is a ritual occurring at the end of a lesson, you might create a standard phrase to introduce the activity (“Our class is almost over—it’s time to pass the love!”) or use a bell or chime to indicate it’s time. You might also ask for a volunteer to choose what will be passed that day.

Transition out of Activity

Since this is the end of class, you might lead a few deep breaths as a class before turning the class back over to the classroom professionals.

Classroom Arrangement

This works best in a seated or standing circle but could also be done in any arrangement if the TA helps direct a bit more and track where it should be passed next.

Supports/Adaptive Materials/Tools

  • This can be done seated or standing.
  • It may be helpful to pass a soft, light ball or object that students can move with before passing to the next person.
  • It might also be helpful to narrate what’s happening.

Role of the Teachers and Paraprofessionals

  • Prompt and support students in making choices about how to pass and assist with that movement where appropriate.

Remote Adaptation

This might be a little trickier in remote settings. The person passing the love can say the name of the recipient they’re passing it to or the TA can name the recipient to ensure everyone gets it.