Take A Breath

Goal: Try out breathing techniques to feel more relaxed.

Take A Breath
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Take A Breath

Contributed by Laura Borgwardt


Try out breathing techniques to feel more relaxed.


Let’s all take a deep breath in through our nose (breathe in) and out through our mouths (breathe out). Great! I’m feeling more relaxed already. Let’s try that two more times, in through our nose, and out through our mouths. Last time, deep breathe in through the nose, and out through the mouth.

Transition into Activity

Take in a deep breath to help us ground back into our bodies.


Take in a collective breath in together.

Transition out of Activity


    • How does it feel to breathe together?
    • Do you always breathe in deeply or are there times where your breathing gets shallow?
    • What does deep breathing do to our nervous system?

Classroom Arrangement


Supports/Adaptive Materials/Tools

  • Add qualities to the breathe:
    • Breathe in like you’re smelling a flower, breathe out like you’re blowing out birthday candles
    • Breathe in your day/week/year so far, breathe it out on a sound (sigh, blah, scream, whatever represents your day/week/year)
  • Add a visual cue:
    • Hands up and down
    • Hands near the ribs moving in and out
    • Use a Hoberman sphere to model your lungs expanding and deflating
    • Show a card with a nose breathing in, and a mouth breathing out

Role of the Teachers and Paraprofessionals

  • Model

Remote Adaptation

No adaptation necessary!