There is a Circle Hiding in Every Square!

Goal: How to cut out a circle without drawing it first.

There is a Circle Hiding in Every Square!
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There is a Circle Hiding in Every Square!

Contributed by Angel Thompson


How to cut out a circle without drawing it first. Assess and enhance skills, cross curricular connection to math.


  • Cut out lots of shapes such as squares, triangles, and even circles
  • First is to cut out a square
  • Demonstrate how to cut out squares
  • Once done, put scissors down and show squares up
  • Ask the difference between a square and a circle
  • Cut off the corners of the square, creating an octagon.
  • Remember: first cut the 4 corners off of your square, then keep getting rid of the corners until you have none.
  • Reflection – If we want to find the circle in the square, what do we need to get rid of?
  • Key Words – Collage, circle, square, triangle, rectangle, octagon

Transition into Activity

This activity would be after the presentation of an agenda and before core of lesson / work time. Transition in by handing out the tool (scissors & paper) and indicate the completion of the activity by sharing circles and asking reflection question

Transition out of Activity

Use your circles to create art!

Classroom Arrangement

 Students at desks/tables attention on front of room

Supports/Adaptive Materials/Tools

  • Allow extra time for a response when asking questions
  • Affirmations can be communicated verbally, physically or with a device
  • Specially modified scissors may be appropriate for some students
  • Printed illustration of shapes including a circle drawn inside of a square

Role of the Teachers and Paraprofessionals

  • Provide information regarding if student scissor skills
  • Adults in the room can assist students properly hold scissors
  • A 1/1 para can rotate the square as the student works the scissors to remove corners
  • Assist in handing out or collecting supplies as needed

Remote Adaptation

This activity is easily adapted. Use overhead camera to show close-up of cutting

Art forms


10 mins