What’s Different?

Goal: To practice our observational skills.

What’s Different?
  • Game

What’s Different?

Contributed by Laura Borgwardt


To practice our observational skills.


  • Pair up. Look at your partner and notice everything you can about them. What are they wearing? Is their hair up? Are they holding anything?
  • Turn back to back with your partner. 
  • Change three things about your appearance
  • On the count of three, turn around to face your partner. Can you spot the three differences?
  • OPTION: You can do this exercise one at a time (have the guesser sing a song and close their eyes while their partner is making their changes) or have them both change at the same time (for a quicker game)
  • Reflection – 
    • What skills did we sharpen in this game?
    • How might observational skills be useful in our theater/art/dance class and beyond?

Transition into Activity

Something dramatic, like enter in wearing giant glasses and pretend like nothing is different. Oh wait, is something different about me today? Oh, I hadn’t noticed! You’re right!! 

Transition out of Activity

You could make the transition to the next activity be related to finding something different — doing a “one of these things is not like the other” with vocab words, puppets, etc. Which one is different? Yes! I’m glad you practiced your observation skills earlier, I can’t get anything past you now!

Classroom Arrangement

Level 1: Online — Leader’s camera will turn off and on

Level Up: In person — partners scattered around the room

Supports/Adaptive Materials/Tools

  • While the person is making their three changes, consider adding in a task for the rest of the group
    • Sing a song (jeopardy theme-song, etc)
    • Can you find something in your space that starts with the letter S?
    • I spy…something orange! (using colors/objects that are seen in someone’s square)
  • Provide costumes/props for students to use so their costume changes are more dramatic. For more of a challenge, encourage students to make subtle changes…ie roll up your sleeves, change which side your ponytail is on, etc.

Role of the Teachers and Paraprofessionals

  • Online: Lead the group in a song or activity while the TA is changing their screen
  • In person: Float around to the different pairs to make sure everyone understands the instructions and is working well with their partner

Remote Adaptation

  • Teaching Artist: Everyone look come look at my screen! Look very carefully. What am I wearing? What objects are around me? What else do you notice?
  • Once everyone has had a good look, you (the TA) will turn off your video and change three things about your image.
  • Start your video and have students guess what three things are different.
  • Repeat with a student as the person who is changing three things.