मंच लेना "यह मैं हूँ!"

लक्ष्य: आत्म नियंत्रण, आत्म अभिव्यक्ति, मोड़ लेना, दर्शकों से जुड़ना, ध्यान केंद्रित करना और देना

मंच लेना "यह मैं हूँ!"
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मंच लेना "यह मैं हूँ!"

के द्वारा योगदान T Scott Lilly


Self control, self expression, taking turns, connecting to an audience, taking and giving focus


  • Students sit as an audience as TA gives instructions.
  • TA, CT and Para’s model this activity first.
  • An X is represent Center Stage. A 12″ starting line is taped Upstage Left and Right (this can be approximated in a classroom with open area)
  • Two groups line up behind the two taped lines.
  • On “cue” the student on one side (can be up left or up right runs to the X and stops on it. Then they go to the back of the line that they were on.
  • The student on the other side then goes. And so on.
  • It can be done as quickly as they can or slowly.
  • The first round they just stop on the X.
  • Second round they stop and hold a pose for three seconds.
  • The Third round they say “It’s Me!”
  • Additional Rounds can be done. You can add specific text, or Poses, or entire lines. You can incorporate curriculum (say the name of a State, a vegetable, etc.)

गतिविधि में संक्रमण

When I ring the bowl…..(instruction) – Ring Bowl

गतिविधि से बाहर संक्रमण

Ring bowl to gain students attention. (This instruction is discussed early in the residency and used throughout the process)

कक्षा व्यवस्था

Large open area with taped lines & Xs, Chairs or space devoted for the audience.

समर्थन/अनुकूली सामग्री/उपकरण

  • Students can help with taping
  • Depending on the number of students you have, all can go at once, or split them in half and have half watch as an audience.
  • Students can say or clap or stamp the 1,2,3 when students do the 2nd round.
  • Para’s can join their students.
  • Pairs can go.
  • Students can stay where they are and everyone else can turn their focus to them.
  • Students can brainstorm what the 4th, 5th (etc.) rounds could be.

शिक्षकों और पैराप्रोफेशनल की भूमिका

  • Model the activity
  • Help the students to be in the line to wait for their turn and know when to go
  • Encourage their participation and applaud their artist choices
  • Help those in the audience area to actively watch what their peers are doing and the choices their making notes.

दूरस्थ अनुकूलन

Have all students turn off their cameras and if using zoom – change setting to hide non-video participants. Then set an order for students to take center stage (camera on). In that order turn on your camera or if needed when the TA or CT gives them the cue.

First  students practice entering/exiting the video space from the side. Then the top/bottom. Finally have them first enter the space, then have them speak (mute/unmute).

कला रूप


15-30 mins