Velcro strips and activity using velcro to pack an imaginary bag

यह क्या है?

The most useful and simple tool to make visual aids interactive.

यह कहाँ पाया जाता है?

Buy it at any office or craft shop.

मैं इसे कैसे इस्तेमाल करूं?

Laminate different choices and put velcro on the back. Have students choose and stick on their preferred response. You can use this in different games, worksheets, etc. This can help less verbal students participate and get students moving physically to respond (moving a velcro piece from one board to another).

This can also be used as a quiet fidget. The soft side of the velcro can be attached to the inside of a desk for students to rub or play with if they are craving input.


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सकल मोटर, ललित मोटर, या संज्ञानात्मक अनुकूली, संचार समर्थन या भाषा विकल्प