Classroom Management Cues

Classroom Management Cues

Classroom Management Cues

What is it?

Classroom management cues can look like hand signals, call-and-response, posters, playing an instrument, etc.

Where is it found?

Posted on the wall of the classroom or in the Classroom Teacher’s head!

How do I use it?

Classroom Teachers may use hand signals (some ASL, some modified ASL, some completely made up) to help communicate nonverbally with students. Teachers may already have cues in place that students know—clapping back patterns, a verbal cue (e.g., “One, two, three, eyes on me”; “One, two, eyes on you”), instrumental cue (e.g., playing a soft bell or frog guiro)—to help quiet the room. No need to reinvent the wheel in your limited arts residency time! Use the classroom cues that are already in place to help you with classroom management.


Likely In Classroom, Bring With You

Needs it Addresses

Sensory, Mood or Energy Related, Community Building Support, Communication Supports or Language Alternatives