Big yellow plush dice on a carpet in a classroom with students

What is it?

Large cubes used for choice-making.

Where is it found?

Make or bring your own!

How do I use it?

Dice can be a great way to get everyone active and offers a nonverbal entry into the choice-making process. It’s also a fair way of choosing an idea. You can put different dance moves, emotions, character suggestions, student roles, etc. onto the dice and have them take turns rolling the dice to make a choice for the group. Some dice have mini dry erase boards on each side that you can write on and change out prompts easily.

DIY Hack:

Cover a cube-shaped box in colorful paper and write/draw/print on your own numbers, pictures, prompts, etc.



Bring With You

Needs it Addresses

Mood or Energy Related, Community Building Support, Communication Supports or Language Alternatives