Loud Music

Loud Music

What is it?

Loud music through the floor can help dancers who are hard of hearing follow along by feeling the beat.

Where is it found?

Speaker or drums.

How do I use it?

Put the speaker on the floor and turn up the bass, or have the student placed in a dance spot near the speaker. Adding live percussion can help give that same beat that reverberates through your body and makes it easier to follow along. Be mindful of a mixed classroom where loud music might be overstimulating for some students. You can prepare by moving them away from the speaker or providing headphones.

Another Option

Use an audio visualizer that provides visual effects and/or animations for a piece of music. Google has an extension for Chrome that can be added to any song that you are playing, and it works with Spotify.

Google Audio Visualizer


Likely In Classroom, Bring With You

Needs it Addresses

Sensory, Communication Supports or Language Alternatives