Sensory Tools

Sensory Tools

Blue sunglasses and yellow noise-reducing headphones

What is it?

A tool that can help regulate sensory over- or understimulation.

Where is it found?

Many classes will have a box of sensory tools, or they might be around the classroom.

How do I use it?

Some sensory tools can help stimulate: sensory brush, gum/Starbursts, citrus essential oil.*

Some sensory tools can help calm: lotion, lavender essential oil.*

Some sensory tools can help with sensory overload: sunglasses, noise-canceling headphones.

*When working with scents, make sure your students don’t have any sensitivity to certain aromas or essential oils.

Sensory Brushing

Sensory brushing has a very specific protocol in order to be used correctly, which includes proprioceptive input of the joints along with the brushing. It is important to be properly trained, if this is a tool that you plan on using.

Introduction to Sensory Brushing Protocols



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