Mouth Stick

Mouth Stick

What is it?

An assistive tool designed for people with limited arm strength and dexterity to perform activities like drawing, typing, pressing buttons, etc. One end is inserted into the mouth for controlling the movement and the other end might have a rubber tip or an attachment for securing objects like a pencil or paintbrush.

Where is it found?

Individual students will have this tool.

How do I use it?

Attach a tool (marker, pencil, etc.) to the mouth stick. The student will control the elongated tool with their mouth. Before using a mouth stick, communicate with the student’s team, as this might be something they are working on with an Occupational Therapist and could be used in your arts residency.


Likely In Classroom

Needs it Addresses

Gross Motor, Fine Motor, or Cognitive Adaptive, Communication Supports or Language Alternatives