What is it?

Multicolored vinyl markers that can be moved around the room and are resistant to tearing.

Where is it found?

In the gym, or Classroom Professionals might have a class set.

How do I use it?

You can use poly spots for so many things: setting up dance spots with windows, creating a flow for offstage to onstage spots, grounding a spot in the circle for students who might tend to wander, showing traffic patterns for an obstacle course or art stations around the room, etc.

DIY Hacks

  • Use Post-its or floor tape for a quick spot in the moment. Tape numbers or roles (director, actor, onstage, offstage) onto the poly spots to give more information.
  • Make your own poly spots by cutting up the cheapest yoga mat you can find!
  • Another alternative (that sticks really well, can be washed off, and can be cut into whatever shape you want) is Dycem. It can be used to prevent mats from slipping, and also as poly spots that can be jumped on!


Likely In Classroom, Bring With You

Needs it Addresses

Gross Motor, Fine Motor, or Cognitive Adaptive, Mood or Energy Related, Community Building Support