Visual Agenda

Visual Agenda

Two written agendas with visual representations of each step (example: cartoon woman waving and saying hi for the welcome step)

What is it?

The schedule for the day, lesson, or activity that helps everyone see where you are and know what to expect for the rest of the time together.

Where is it found?

Posted on the wall. It might be useful for individual students to have a visual task list at their desk as well.

How do I use it?

The class might have a visual schedule for the whole day, but it would also be helpful for you to have your own for your arts session—this can be as simple as writing a list of the lesson’s activities on the board or a piece of chart paper. You might use the language, “First,” “Next,” “Then,” “Finally” (or “First,” “Then”).


Likely In Classroom, Bring With You

Needs it Addresses

Mood or Energy Related, Community Building Support, Communication Supports or Language Alternatives