Whiteboard – Stop Motion

Goal: To make dot appear to move around the whiteboard.

Whiteboard – Stop Motion
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Whiteboard – Stop Motion

Contributed by Andy Gaukel 


To make dot appear to move around the whiteboard.


  • You simply draw pictures on paper and erase then redraw them to show the motions you want to make. All you need is a whiteboard and some whiteboard colored pens. You can create very basic stop motion with this method.
  • Start by drawing a dot the size of a dime on your whiteboard.
  • Using stop-motion techniques of taking photos, erasing and redrawing, can make your dot appear to move around the whiteboard one it’s own?
  • Begin by making sure your whiteboard is securely placed in a position where it will not move as you draw and erase.
  • Make sure your camera is also secure and will not move while taking photos.
  • Select a colored marker to use to draw a dot.
  • Draw a dot. Take a photo. Erase the dot. Draw the dot just next to where it was before you erased it. Take a photo. Erase the dot. Draw the dot again just next to the last dot you erased.
  • Repeat at least 150 times until you have a short film of your dot appearing to move around the whiteboard.
  • TIPS:
    • Make sure the place you draw your dot on a clear direct path so that it appears to be moving in a line or arc. Take a photo. Erase the dot.
    • Working in two dimensions gives you a lot of creative and inexpensive/accessible options.
    • An eco-friendly alternative to using paper is drawing and erasing on a whiteboard.

Transition into Activity

Before you begin this activity, provide the class with an example film you have pre-made.

Transition out of Activity

Before moving on to the next activity, each group can share what they created to the whole class.

Classroom Arrangement

Students can either work alone or in pairs at desks or tables. I find having tables set up in a large space such as a library or cafeteria works best. This gives room for students to set up cameras and devices and securely set up whiteboards.


  • You can adapt this activity by asking students to alternate different colored markers as they draw their dot. This could make a really fun effect. It always helps students to plan the chart their dot’s route on the whiteboard. The method is open to all ages which make it a great idea for stop motion beginners.
  • Make sure you secure both your camera and whiteboard. This will eliminate any unwanted movement in your final film.


  • Whiteboard
  • Whiteboard colored pens
  • Whiteboard eraser
  • Stop-Motion Animation Application or Program Device with camera

Role of the Teachers and Paraprofessionals

  • Check in with students as they create their work by giving positive feedback.
  • Offer to be the photographer for students so they can concentrate on their dot drawings.

Remote Adaptation

TA can be the lead artist from their workspace sharing screen of a whiteboard. Students can participate by giving the TA directions on the path of the dot’s movement. Students could also work on their own to create films of their moving dots and then share their screen at the end of the activity.

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30 mins