Song Map

Students explore their own percussive rhythms using symbols.

Song Map

Contributed by Julia Sirna-Frest


Students will explore their own percussive rhythms using symbols.


  • Gather students, and as a group, create symbols and denote the sounds they represent. For example, a star symbol means clap, a triangle means tap your toes, a diamond means knock on your desk, and a squiggly line means snap.
  • Draw all the symbols, mix them up, and place them in a basket. Have each student select a symbol to create a whole song. They can play as many rounds as they want.
  • Next, students can create their own full songs and display them for the class. Everyone can follow along, clapping, tapping, and snapping new rhythms!

Transición a la actividad

“We all have our own unique rhythms, and today we are going to explore them.” You can give students a note card to draw their symbol on and then as a group decide what sound the symbol will correspond to.

Transición fuera de actividad

Pack up the symbol sounds in a special box to be used in the future.

Arreglo del aula

Desks could be helpful for more percussive sounds. This could also be done in a circle at rug spots.

Soportes / Materiales adaptables / Herramientas

Students can create the symbols themselves, or you can create them.

Posibles funciones de los profesionales de las aulas

  • Active participation.
  • Create symbols, too!
  • Write their own songs and share!

Ajustes para la instrucción a distancia

You can create the symbols and the students can help generate the sounds. Then you can hold up the symbols in the order that the students create.

Formas de arte


10 minute