Classroom & Behavior Management

In this section, you’ll find resources that focus on creating and supporting dynamic classroom culture and facilitation strategies related to specific noticed behaviors. Promising practices in classroom and behavior management are constantly evolving. Consider these resources in conjunction with resources on Liberated Learning Environments to integrate the appropriate strategies which reflect the hopes you have for your own practice.

Keep in mind that “management” here describes the key leadership role of Teaching Artists to support students in meeting their goals and co-creating their educational experience. As Teaching Artists, we also know we may encounter behaviors that are new to us. We hope these resources will support you in expanding your capacity for inclusive, supportive responses, and accommodations.

Explore Classroom & Behavior Management Resources

  • Strategies for Navigating Challenging Classroom Situations

    Classroom & Behavior Management

    Learn how to respond effectively to challenging situations in the classroom by preparing yourself with a range of responses to draw upon