Chill Zone

Chill Zone

What is it?

A safe space for students to self-regulate their emotions. It might include a soft rug or blankets, pillows, sensory tools/fidgets, breathing techniques, etc.

Where is it found?

Most likely found in a corner of the classroom that is separated from the general workspace.

How do I use it?

Chill zones or calming corners are tools for students and usually they self-advocate for a break in the chill zone. If you see someone getting frustrated, you might offer a break in the chill zone as a positive choice. This is not a space that is used as a punishment. If students are spending too much time in there, it’s possible to set a timer and tell them they have two more minutes in the chill zone before returning to the class.


One option is to create “I need a break” cards for students to quietly indicate to a teacher that they need to head to a chill zone. The cards help the students recognize and advocate for themselves and don’t disrupt the classroom setting. This also makes the tool adaptive and non-stigmatizing for nonverbal students.


Likely In Classroom

Needs it Addresses

Mood or Energy Related, Community Building Support