A multi-colored koosh ball, a hand squeezing a colorful gel filled object

What is it?

A self-regulation tool to help focus, create a sense of calm, and promote active listening.

Where is it found?

Some classes will have a box of fidgets. Students may have a specific fidget they use as tactile input.

How do I use it?

Fidgets should be used as tools, not toys. If they are not helping the student to focus on the task, then it might be helpful to try something else. Fidgets also should be small and quiet enough to not be distracting to others.

List of Different Types of Fidgets From We Are Teachers

Learners Edge Video on Using Fidgets

Indiana Resource Center for Autism Video on Using Fidgets


Bring With You

Needs it Addresses

Sensory, Mood or Energy Related, Community Building Support