A Thank You Just For You

Goal: Facilitate transition, create ritual, foster gratitude

A Thank You Just For You
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A Thank You Just For You

Contributed by Angel Thompson


Facilitate transition, create ritual, foster gratitude


  • Make a ‘Thank You’ statement to the entire class acknowledging some way their effort stood out that day. This could be about anything–their teamwork, attitude, ability to redirect after a rough start, willingness to try a new activity, etc.
  • Circle the room stopping to make eye contact with each student and gently say, “Thank You,” directly to them. Don’t forget the teachers and any other adults in the room too.
  • When you have thanked everyone individually, again address the class with a, “Thank all of you!” and a closing farewell.

Transition into Activity

Get the students to focus on you before you offer your thank you to the whole group.

Transition out of Activity

This activity is often subtle. Allow time for the ritual to be completed before transitioning to the next activity.

Classroom Arrangement

Students can be at desks/tables or in a big circle.

Supports/Adaptive Materials/Tools

  • “Thank you” can also be written or signed.
  • Eye contact is not essential.
  • Students can be approached on the side, if this is more comfortable.
  • The key is that they know you are speaking directly to them.

Role of the Teachers and Paraprofessionals

  • Alert you if a student was away from their desk and might have missed their personal thank you.
  • Accept your thanks with grace–modeling.

Remote Adaptation

After you offer a full group thank you, then call each student by name to address a thank you to them. Don’t forget students who have their cameras off.


5 mins