GIVE Resources

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  • Activity Bank

    Practical Tips & Accommodations

    The GIVE Activity Bank is a resource bank of short arts education activities or tasks that already include supports and accommodations to support a range of st…

  • Arts Residency Profile Form

    Classroom Partners

    Send this Arts Residency Profile to Classroom Professionals to learn more about their class and students or use it as part of your planning meeting.

  • Building Collective Knowledge

    Liberated Learning Environments

    Discover ways to honor and build on the knowledge, routines, and shared language that already exists in your classroom.

  • Celebrating Residency Endings and Creating Healthy Closure

    Practical Tips & Accommodations

    Approaching the end of your residency? Plan multiple ways to celebrate and reflect—not only at the culminating event, but also within the classroom community.

  • Checklist: Planning and Facilitating an Inclusive Lesson

    Practical Tips & Accommodations

    Build a lesson that is inclusive and engaging for all students—and discover additional GIVE resources to help make that possible.

  • Classroom Management

    Classroom & Behavior Management

    Support students in learning, participating, and engaging through classroom management practices that aim to create liberated learning environments.

  • Classroom Observation Tips

    Classroom Partners

    If possible, ask to observe the classroom before your workshop or residency and use these tips to guide your observation.

  • Co-Generating Goals with Classroom Professionals

    Classroom Partners

    Use the goals of the Classroom Professionals you are working with to support or inform your lesson plans to foster more collaboration and investment.