Getting Started in Inclusion Settings

There is a lot of research and prior knowledge that can assist us in our planning and teaching—before we even set foot in the classroom. To prepare for teaching in inclusion settings, especially ICT classrooms, check out some of these foundational resources on inclusive language, universal design for learning, roles of Classroom Professionals you may partner with, and more.

Explore Getting Started in Inclusion Settings Resources

  • Creating Stigma-Free Classrooms

    Liberated Learning Environments

    Learn about the impact stigma can have on your students and develop the awareness and tools you need to work against stigma.

  • Disability Rights & Education History

    Liberated Learning Environments

    Explore a brief history of the ongoing fight for disability rights and for free quality education in the United States.

  • Inclusive Language Guide

    Liberated Learning Environments

    Learn how you can be more inclusive and respectful in your language with common do's and don'ts as well as alternative phrases for teaching.

  • Intersectionality of Disability and Other Identities & Implicit Bias

    Liberated Learning Environments

    Learn about intersectionality and its manifestations in education, then explore strategies and resources for creating liberated learning environments.

  • Trauma-Informed Teaching & Healing-Centered Practices

    Liberated Learning Environments

    Learn more about trauma, how to recognize it in the classroom, and how to incorporate Trauma-Informed, Healing-Centered teaching techniques into your work.