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  • Culminating Events: Options for Sharing and Student Roles

    Practical Tips & Accommodations

    Provide opportunities for everyone to shine at the end of a residency by creating culminating events or products that are co-designed with students.

  • Developing Positive Relationships Among Students

    Liberated Learning Environments

    Find strategies to develop connection and collaboration between students so everyone in the classroom can contribute to an inclusive environment.

  • Disability Rights & Education History

    Liberated Learning Environments

    Explore a brief history of the ongoing fight for disability rights and for free quality education in the United States.

  • Engaging Classroom Professionals and Caregivers Online

    Classroom Partners, Remote Teaching & Learning

    Explore ways to engage Classroom Professionals—and possibly students' caregivers, too—while teaching online.

  • Final Program Reflections With Students

    Practical Tips & Accommodations

    Get tips and suggested questions to reflect with students and get their feedback at the end of a program.

  • Getting Started With Remote Teaching and Learning

    Remote Teaching & Learning

    Set yourself and your students up for success from the beginning with these tips and strategies for teaching online.

  • Glossary

    Practical Tips & Accommodations

    Definitions for a range of terms you may encounter while working in an Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) Classroom and other inclusion settings.

  • Group Formations: Pros, Cons, and Strategies

    Practical Tips & Accommodations

    Discover strategies for how to arrange and group students during a class or workshop, as well as how often to change formations and groupings.