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  • Online Adaptations for Classroom and Behavior Management

    Classroom & Behavior Management, Remote Teaching & Learning

    Discover strategies for supporting positive behavior and fostering a connected classroom community while teaching online.

  • Paraprofessional Roles & Responsibilities

    Classroom Partners

    Understand the various roles of paraprofessionals (Paras) in the classroom and explore ways to engage them in your lesson.

  • Planning Meeting Agenda for Online Workshops or Residencies

    Remote Teaching & Learning, Classroom Partners

    Follow this suggested planning meeting agenda which includes specific questions to set you up for success when teaching online.

  • Planning Meeting Guidelines

    Classroom Partners

    Use these strategies and questions to help gather student information and build relationships with Classroom Professionals.

  • Planning Meeting Preparation by Role

    Classroom Partners

    Plan for a productive planning meeting by understanding each person's role and the information they bring to the meeting

  • Planning Meeting Sample Agenda

    Classroom Partners

    Use this planning meeting sample agenda to have a productive residency planning meeting to learn more about your students and their classroom.

  • Preventing Sensory Overstimulation in the Classroom

    Practical Tips & Accommodations

    Discover steps you can take to reduce sensory overstimulation during your lessons by making slight adjustments to the environment, materials, and content.

  • Recording Inclusive Videos for Asynchronous Learning

    Remote Teaching & Learning

    Create recorded videos to support students with diverse needs using this guide developed by ArtsConnection Teaching Artists