Working with Classroom Partners

In inclusion settings, and more specifically in ICT classrooms, there may be many classroom partners working to support students and instructors. You will encounter the term “Classroom Professional” frequently in GIVE resources; this term refers to school staff working with teaching artists in the classroom. This could include subject area teachers, special education teachers, and any type of related service provider. “Classroom Partner” resources extend beyond classroom professionals to also include caregiver involvement, and information for a teaching artist working in a co-teaching model with another artist.

Explore Classroom Partners Resources

  • Planning Meeting Preparation by Role

    Classroom Partners

    Plan for a productive planning meeting by understanding each person's role and the information they bring to the meeting

  • Planning Meeting Sample Agenda

    Classroom Partners

    Use this planning meeting sample agenda to have a productive residency planning meeting to learn more about your students and their classroom.

  • Related Service Providers

    Classroom Partners

    Understand the role Related Service Providers (RSPs) play in supporting students' growth and well being beyond the curriculum.

  • Strategies for Sustained Arts Engagement Between Sessions

    Classroom Partners

    Explore ways to support arts engagement even when you aren’t present in the classroom

  • Teaching with Another Teaching Artist: Styles and Best Practices

    Classroom Partners

    Explore different models for team teaching and pick the model(s) that will best meet the needs of your students and your lesson.

  • What to Advocate for Within Your Organization

    Classroom Partners

    Understand what support is available from your organization and how to advocate for it so you can be at your best in the classroom

  • Who is in the Classroom? Collaborating with Classroom Professionals

    Classroom Partners

    Get to know the classroom professionals you may meet Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classrooms, and explore ways to communicate, engage, and collaborate.