Getting Started in Inclusion Settings

There is a lot of research and prior knowledge that can assist us in our planning and teaching—before we even set foot in the classroom. To prepare for teaching in inclusion settings, especially ICT classrooms, check out some of these foundational resources on inclusive language, universal design for learning, roles of Classroom Professionals you may partner with, and more.

Explore Getting Started in Inclusion Settings Resources

  • Intersectionality of Disability and Other Identities & Implicit Bias

    Liberated Learning Environments

    Learn about intersectionality and its manifestations in education, then explore strategies and resources for creating liberated learning environments.

  • Paraprofessional Roles & Responsibilities

    Classroom Partners

    Understand the various roles of paraprofessionals (Paras) in the classroom and explore ways to engage them in your lesson.

  • Related Service Providers

    Classroom Partners

    Understand the role Related Service Providers (RSPs) play in supporting students' growth and well being beyond the curriculum.

  • Strategies for Navigating Challenging Classroom Situations

    Classroom & Behavior Management

    Learn how to respond effectively to challenging situations in the classroom by preparing yourself with a range of responses to draw upon

  • Teaching Artistry: Resources for Professional Development

    Discover books, websites, podcasts, and more that helped inform and inspire GIVE

  • Trauma-Informed Teaching & Healing-Centered Practices

    Liberated Learning Environments

    Learn more about trauma, how to recognize it in the classroom, and how to incorporate Trauma-Informed, Healing-Centered teaching techniques into your work.

  • What to Advocate for Within Your Organization

    Classroom Partners

    Understand what support is available from your organization and how to advocate for it so you can be at your best in the classroom

  • Who is in the Classroom? Collaborating with Classroom Professionals

    Classroom Partners

    Get to know the classroom professionals you may meet Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classrooms, and explore ways to communicate, engage, and collaborate.