Whether you’re a new Teaching Artist or you’ve been in the field for a long time, there’s always more to learn. Every student and classroom is different; it’s helpful to have a range of skills and strategies at the ready. Resources in this section are comprehensive, with a focus on practical tips, accommodations, strategies, and tools for programs in progress. Some resources have been crowdsourced from Teaching Artist contributors, and others have emerged from research in education and the arts.

Explore Teaching Resources

  • Activity Bank

    Practical Tips & Accommodations

    The GIVE Activity Bank is a resource bank of short arts education activities or tasks that already include supports and accommodations to support a range of st…

  • Behavior Management

    Classroom & Behavior Management

    Explore the fundamentals of behavior and find the management style that works for you and your students.

  • Building Collective Knowledge

    Liberated Learning Environments

    Discover ways to honor and build on the knowledge, routines, and shared language that already exists in your classroom.

  • Checklist: Planning and Facilitating an Inclusive Lesson

    Practical Tips & Accommodations

    Build a lesson that is inclusive and engaging for all students—and discover additional GIVE resources to help make that possible.

  • Classroom Management

    Classroom & Behavior Management

    Support students in learning, participating, and engaging through classroom management practices that aim to create liberated learning environments.

  • Classroom Management | Non-Verbal Cues

    Practical Tips & Accommodations, Classroom & Behavior Management

    Broaden your classroom management strategies with a range of non-verbal cues and signals.

  • Classroom Management | Verbal Cues

    Classroom & Behavior Management, Practical Tips & Accommodations

    Direct focus and attention in the classroom by incorporating strategic verbal cues into your classroom management strategy.

  • Co-Generating Goals with Students

    Liberated Learning Environments

    Discover ways to co-generate goals with your students to help build investment, connection, and support.