Visual Aids

Visual Aids


Three visual representations of red apples


Pictures, videos, realia (objects used in real life that students can touch/smell/etc, which can help visual/kinesthetic learners, e.g., bringing in a real apple) to aid learning.


Bring in items/visuals that pertain to your lesson. You can have a stack of laminated paper printouts, pictures ready to project on the SMART Board, and/or objects you bring.


Use visual aids when introducing new vocabulary to give context to the students. You can use visuals to help with classroom management as well, e.g., hold up a “quiet” sign to get the room to listen or “circle” sign for them to move to a different position.


可能在课堂上, 随身携带


粗大运动、精细运动或认知适应性, 情绪或能量相关,社区建设支持, 沟通支持或语言替代